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Coach David Garcia also known as, “The Predator” due to his intensity & wild dreadlocks is a distinguished Powerlifting and Strength & Conditioning Coach for International, National & Local Level Athletes. With a full decade of high level coaching, half of his time he spent as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for various sports/athletes at high schools and universities. He was a powerlifting coach at one of the top high schools in the nation(Bishop Lynch High School). Coach “D” is also one of the founding fathers & 1st ever Head Coach for the University of North Texas Powerlifting Team. He has been Head Coaching out of multiple strength training facilities in Texas, USA. He is very personal about his coaching and will even coordinate to fly & travel to his remote athletes for training sessions/competitions the same way he does for his local athletes.
Coach “D” is an “Athlete Technician”, breaking down the technique of any advanced or beginner athlete to best suit them individually. This resulting in creating programming that is specific to target the weaknesses and strengths of the individual. With his extensive experience with coaching over 1,300 athletes in various sports, at different levels, he has armed himself with all the exponential tools to make YOU a better athlete. Coach David Garcia brings a unique dynamic to the world of strength training & competing. Select Coach “D” as your next coach to take your strength & athleticism to the next level.


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